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Elvis Aaron Presley is a name you may have heard of, he was a very popular musician and actor. He also is known as the King of Rock and Roll and has starred in several . He once said, “I’m not trying to be sexy. It’s just my way of expressing myself when I move around.” (“E.P.Bio” 1) Elvis was a very popular artist, and his music is still played on the radio. Elvis was looked at in both positive and negative opinions due to his gyrating hips and how they were too sexual and some videos of him dancing had to be of only his waist up. Presley chose not to get affected by the people’s opinions and decided to express himself no matter what others thought. This inspired people of all ages and taught them that you can express yourself in anyway you want. Elvis was named The King of Rock and Roll, but the name wasn’t just given to him, it was earned. Elvis had several life accomplishments that helped him earn the title, because of this Elvis had a large impact on America when it came to being an inspiration and knowing how to ignore the hate in the world. …show more content…

He is believed to have sold more than one billion records worldwide, about 40 percent of those outside the U.S. Though the figures are controversial due to the methods of computation by the Recording Industry Association of America, Presley still appears to hold the largest number of gold, platinum, and multi platinum certifications of any artist in history; as of While certainly other artists preceded him to the altar of rock & roll, he is indisputably its king. '2010, 151 different albums and singles. He remained an unmatched chart performer from the Seventies until the first decade of the 21st Century when, as the population of record buyers increased, the chart numbers of top sellers like Mariah Carey and Madonna began to challenge his. According to Billboard, Elvis had 149 charting pop singles: 114 Top 40, 40 Top Ten, and 18 Number Ones.(“E.P.Bio”

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