Elvis Presley Relationship Essay

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Elvis was thought to be a player, getting with different women every weekend for sexual relationships however this idea was wrong. Had a sexual relationship with Anne Helm, she stated it was for fun. Early girlfriends were Judy Spreckels and June Juanico. Both of his early girlfriends said they had no sexual relations with Elvis. It is believed that Elvis saw prostitutes in the army transmitting sexual diseases therefore he was scared of the sexual aspect of a relationship Elvis was super religious, a late bloomer as well as a mama’s boy therefore he was a flop with girls. Had a short time with playboy star, June Wilkinson He sang to her, they went and had dinner for a couple nights, then she left They never crossed paths again. Every women…show more content…
She stated that Elvis was very sweet and that he was a gentleman. Lori also stated that his star from the filming of Viva las Vegas was Elvis’ soulmate. Her name was Ann Margret. There was a great publicity event regarding Elvis and Ann Margret. It is said that Elvis had many romances and affairs while even dating Priscilla. He has weird interests that did not involve actual sexual relations but would rather suck on women’s toes and was very fond of feet. It is said that Elvis had less need for a sexual partner rather than someone to baby him and give him attention. Elvis was more interested in young inexperienced girls rather than experienced actresses even though they were willing to do more with Elvis then the young girls. Many of the women who had been in a relationship with Elvis said that he would rather lie in bed and watch television all night then have a sexual relationship. A last relationship Elvis had before Priscilla was Anita Wood, Elvis’ mother wanted him to marry her however she left after confronting Elvis about Priscilla. Elvis met Priscilla for the first time in 1959 while he was in the army in Germany. She was only 14 years
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