Elvis Presley Research Paper

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Elvis Aaron Presley, a Rock-N- Roll icon, was born on January 8, 1935. His parents are Vernon and Gladys Presley. Presley was born a twin, but his identical brother was stillborn. Elvis’s original middle name was Aron to resemble his stillborn twin’s middle name, but he legally changed it to Aaron as a biblical and traditional spelling. In 1953, Elvis cut his first demo at Sun Studio; he also began touring all over America. Born in rural Tupelo, Mississippi, Elvis grew to become one of the most famous icons in Rock-N-Roll history. Petersen page 1-2 Presley grew up poor most of the childhood life, and the first exposure to music he had was the weekly church services. Elvis’s family was very religious, and Elvis sang gospel music in church at a very young age. Elvis was given his very first guitar by his parents, soon after he started teaching himself how to play. In 1948, Elvis’s family moved to Memphis, Tennessee, where Elvis entered L.C. Humes High School. Presley played guitar and sang in several talent shows all throughout high school, and the appreciation that the audience gave him is what inspired him to work more on music. After he graduated,…show more content…
To this day thousands of people of all age groups, young and old, visit Graceland annually, especially on the anniversary of Elvis’s death. They hold a special vigil in honor of the King of Rock-N-Roll himself, and they light candles while standing on the outside of Graceland. Elvis grew to become one of the most famous icons in Rock-N-Roll history that grew up in rural Tupelo, Mississippi. Priscilla and Lisa Marie Presley visit Graceland regularly and Pricilla once said, “It is truly a sight to behold…This is something that Elvis would never, ever have believed could have taken place here.” Elvis was very productive with his music career, he received many Grammy awards, and he acted in many different
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