Elvis Presley Vs Michael Jackson Essay

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Although they are not from our time, Elvis Presley and Michael Jacksons’ names are known all over the world. These two are arguably the most influential artists in music history. Elvis was an actor, singer and dancer, while Michael chose to focus mainly on his music and dancing. Despite their differences, both helped sculpt the music industry into what it is today. The popularity of Jackson and Presley causes many to ask “Who was more influential?”
While Elvis Presley was mostly known for rock, he also gained recognition for his work in the country and gospel genres. He was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, the Country Music Hall of Fame and the Gospel Music Association’s Hall of Fame. Elvis also became known as the "King of Rock n' Roll". On the other hand, Michael Jackson was known as the "King of Pop". Most of his music fell into the pop, R&B or soul genres. He was formally inducted to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame
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Elvis Presley developed a drug addiction, after his wife left him and took their daughter. This, combined with his unhealthy eating habits, led him to die of heart failure at the young age of 42. In comparison, Michael Jackson died at the age of 50 from cardiac arrest. It was later discovered that Michael Jackson’s heart attack was caused by drugs administered by his doctor. Both musicians died at incredibly young ages, and neither were in happy places at the time of their deaths.
Each from different time periods and musical genres, Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley were equally influential to the development of the music industry. They both inspired many artists with their distinct dance moves and their tunes. Had the two not had such young and tragic deaths, they may have provided an even greater influence. Without Michael and Elvis, many of today's artists may not have been inspired to make music. Both these artists had some of the greatest impacts on the progression of
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