Elvis Presley's Influence On American Culture

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Music has been the blood of our pop culture since the first signs of sounds made by our cavemen ancestors. It had been a huge influence in our culture like our lifestyles, fashion, attitudes, and language. But one genre in music has created an impact in our history, especially the American history for it paved way to the Civil Rights movement. It was through combining African American and white music that created a spark in that movement, and without The King none of this spark would have ever light up in the first place. And this “King” is none other than, the king of rock and roll, Elvis Aron Presley. I admire Elvis Presley as a true American hero because he changed our modern culture and the American history by popularizing a new sound to be heard: rock and roll. Elvis Aron Presley, also known as The King, was born in a small countryside town in East Tupelo, Mississippi on January 8, 1935. According to Robert Love, the author of the biography, “Elvis Presley,” he had a twin brother who died thirty-five minutes after he was delivered from his mother’s womb (18). His mother, Gladys Love Presley,…show more content…
Elvis was an American figure loved by many generations and was loved because of his creative spirit. At the end of the day, whether you love him or hate him, we all have to appreciate this man’s work: his creativity, his perseverance, his bravery, and his energy that he put into what loved to do—his music. With his music he dared to fuse the different music from the different cultures of America that were completely separated ever since our country’s birth. This is what made Elvis stand out from all the other artists. He became very influential in his career and his impact deserves recognition to everybody from different race, ethnicity, culture, and background for future generations to
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