Elvis Presley's Influence On African American Culture

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had the unique skill to merge genre’s together and form something that was entirely different and new for the generation, and which led to other generations to merge other genres. Presley’s inspiration of genres was greatly impacted by the African American culture; however, brought his country-side to his music, which is what gave his music his own creative sound. He was the first artist to basically merge black and white music together, and widening his fan base.
Elvis Presley not only changed the way entertainers performed, he also changed the way it was marketed. Teenage fans were soon to be seen as important consumers of goods, who bought products like records, tickets to concerts, and movies. This was the start of the teen idol craze …show more content…

He also was one of the first musicians to star in movies, which would help illustrate a type of idol for future musician- turned movie stars. This was another way Presley impacted the current culture; he was the first to convert from a performer into a movie star, and set a standard for future stars.
Elvis Presley’s records would soon make record history. In 1956, Elvis’s self -titled debut album was released. The cover of the album was defined as the “rock and roll persona” and introduces the genre’s lead instrument, the guitar. (Rodman 28) Not only did Presley’s first album illustrate the main instrument that would become a popular one, throughout his career, Elvis had 114 songs on the Billboard Top 40 and 18 number one pop hits (Scrivani-Tidd). Presley helped set the standard of sales and records from all his hits and songs.
After World War II, drastic changes occurred in America, like integration of the South. It was though as Elvis popularized rock music, which resulted in the integration. Elvis helped change his sound with the change of the social changes that were going on. Presley’s unique music would overall mirror the social changes that were going on during the 1950’s. His music helped change the culture then and now, and helped others join

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