Elvis Presley's Influence On American Culture Essay

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The Twentieth Century gave birth to many new forms of music. The world saw music transformation from the creations of Chopin to Rock and Roll, Rap, Heavy Metal, and Grunge. While there are many artist and groups who performed new musical styles, none did more for them then the five bands we will discuss here. These groups not only shaped the music we listen to, they also shaped our culture. From the King of Rock, to the original British boy band, a heavy metal band from Los Angeles, the band that introduced 90’s to grunge rock, and finally the original gangster rappers. These artists have influenced and shaped generations of musicians across a wide variety of musical styles. With over fifty number one hit songs and countless platinum albums between them, they represent some of the most talented musicians of the…show more content…
Per John Lennon of The Beatles, Presley influenced him to take up music. In, The Beatles Anthology, Lennon is quoted “When I heard Heartbreak Hotel, it was the end for me. Once I heard it and got into it, that was life, there was no other thing. I thought of nothing else but rock 'n' roll" (11). Elvis Presley impersonators all over the world continue perform his songs so a younger generation can enjoy the music of Elvis Presley. Almost fifty years after his death, Elvis still influences artist. Following Presley is one of the very bands his influence helped create, The Beatles. The Beatles consisted of Paul McCartney, Ringo Star, John Lennon, and George Harrison. The Beatles first album, Please Please Me, released in 1963. A year later, in 1964, The Beatles preformed on The Ed Sullivan Show. With a record number of people tuning in to see the band on television, Beatlemania began. The band would go on to have twenty-seven number one hits throughout their musical career. Much like Elvis Presley, The Beatles also made the transition between music and
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