Elvis Presley's Influence On Music Essay

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How has Elvis Presley made a huge mark on the music industry? Many people will say his appearance had more of an effect on his career, but we all know that is not the only reason. There are so many different things about him that only he could be known for. Elvis Presley had a unique style different than other singers. So much so that many people today try to impersonate Elvis with his dance moves and slick black hair. Elvis Presley has made a huge mark on the music industry, and his fame is still growing day by day through his voice, dance moves, and style. In fact, the tune of Elvis Presley’s music is one thing that stands out the most when his name is said. His unique sound is something that has stuck in people’s mind ever since the beginning of his career. Elvis has a voice like no other. With his unique tune, he has sung many different types of music. He has sung songs of gospel, blues, country, and of course, Rock-n-Roll. Elvis also added a twist of his own music in his songs. Although many people might not listen to Elvis, as soon as one of his songs come on, they know who it is. Some of his most known songs include “Hound Dog” and “Heartbreak Hotel” and are often used as examples to explain to someone who is not familiar with his songs. With his variations of music genres, he has attracted a wide range of fans. His voice and…show more content…
One wonders what affect he might have had if he would have lived longer. He had signature sounds, looks, and moves. Most artists are lucky to have one of these attributes, let alone all three. Although Elvis Presley has been dead for almost 40 years, he is still one of the world’s most famous artists. Even to this day, it is not uncommon to see an Elvis impersonator, hear an Elvis song on the radio, or see his influence in popular television shows. Elvis Presley will be loved for years to come because of the influence he has left on the
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