Elvis Presley's Influence On Pop Culture

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On January 8th, 1935 one of the greatest influences to pop and country was born. Elvis Aaron Presley changed the way people heard and saw music through his songs and the way he performed them. Elvis’ music was stunning, he had eighteen American No. 1s and hundreds of gold records from around the world. He brought a way of performing that people had never experienced before, he was electrifying when he performed on stage. Elvis Presley was the first rock'n'roll star, he brought rebellion to the youth of that time and was able to grasp the listener and draw them into his songs which few artist have ever been able to accomplish. Sign Elvis was born to Gladys and Elvis Presley in 1935 and he was their only child. Elvis grew up in Tupelo, Mississippi …show more content…

The singles sold well in the Memphis area immediately, and by 1955 they began starting to sell well to country audiences throughout the country but especially in the South. Presley, Moore, and Black hit the road with a stage show that grew ever wilder and more provocative, Elvis’ constant dance moves especially his swiveling hips caused enormous debate though out America. The last Sun single, "Mystery Train," hit number one on the national country charts in late 1955. Presley was a performer with superstar potential, attracting the interest of big labels and Colonel Tom Parker, who became Elvis' manager. In need of capital to expand the Sun label, Sam Phillips sold Presley's contract to RCA in late 1955 for 35,000 dollars. During the early years of his music career Elvis song many songs that were in that time considered black music. “Legend has it that Presley was the white boy singing black music that Sam Phillips was seeking in order to make a fortune” (Elvis Presley). This caused a huge eruptions in his fans because he was drawing in both white and African American youth to his songs. Because of the explosion of fans he had Elvis became one of the most loved and admired artist at the

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