Elvis Presley's Influence On Society

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By 1943, Elvis Presley spent almost every Saturday afternoon at the town’s courthouse. The courthouse aired a show from 1:00-4:30 pm called Saturday Jamboree. The show was popular in the community, one hundred and fifty people could watch as a live audience, and anyone could perform. This is where Presley started out and sang songs like ‘Old Shep’. In 1945, Elvis Presley entered the fifth grade and had Mrs. Oleta Grimes as his teacher. On the first day, Mrs. Grimes asked the classroom to say a prayer. Presley volunteered, ended and sang ‘Old Shep’. Mrs. Grimes sent Presley to the principal’s office and was asked sing again. Shortly after, Presley was entered in to the Mississippi-Alabama Fair and Dairy Show. The show was broadcasted on the radio and Elvis once again sang ‘Old Shep’. Although many believe Presley received second place, Presley actually received fifth place.…show more content…
Presley then entered the sixth grade and attends Milam Junior High School. At the school’s invitation, Presley sung another song and everyone loved it. By 1947, Elvis Presley had found a music hero, ‘Mississippi Slim’. ‘Mississippi Slim’ was a hillbilly singer who allowed Presley to perform. However, Presley could not do the first performance, due to stage fright. By the next week, Presley started to perform and was sometimes accompanied by ‘Mississippi

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