Elvis Presley's Song, Moody Blue

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The song, Moody Blue, sung by Elvis Presley, depicts not only the literal color of blue seen in the night and day, the contrast emotionally and visually night and day have, but also the personal attachment seen with blue. Hey, moody blue/ Tell me, who I 'm talkin ' to/ You 're like the night and day/ And it 's hard to say which one is you/ Oh, my baby, my moody blue. Blue is a not only a color. Blue is a physical feeling. Blue is an emotion.
The sun streaks the cobalt sky each day but blue is so much more than just the hue of the heavens. The ocean, being painted a magnificent collage of blues, calms one with its tranquil rolling navy waves. The feeling of peace that envelopes one’s body when tumbling sapphire raindrops hit a window pane is
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