Emancipation Of Minors Essay

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Emancipation is opening up new doors for minors, and benefiting them. When a minor gets emancipated it means that they are freed from control by their parents or guardians, and the parents or guardians are freed from any responsibility toward the child. Depending on the situation, minors might be trying to get away from their parents or maybe just ready to become independent. Through emancipation minors can create their “own life”, and learn how to be dependent for themselves and help get themselves out of an unfortunate situation. Minors get emancipated so they can be in charge of themselves, helping them create their own life. Emancipated minors only have certain rights, including those found in the Civil Code of Québec, such as signing contracts, living away from their parents, making a will or suing someone.(Woerner.22). With…show more content…
Furthermore, “The right to the services and earnings of a child ceases when the duty to support has ceased.” (Woerner.47). The worries of parents and guardians having control over the minor’s personal finances have vanished. Where the money goes and what it goes to is completely in the minors hands. This becomes a positive thing especially when dealing with parents and/or guardians who take advantage of their right to have control over their minors bank accounts. Minors in unfortunate situations use emancipation to seize their moment to get them out of it. Too many young minors are stuck in situations they can not get out of, such as the Diamond v. Diamond court case, “Daughter, represented by counsel, told the district court that she had moved out of Mother’s home due to domestic violence and substance abuse issues”(Law.1). In this court case the minor was experiencing physical abuse from her parent, therefore not in a safe living environment. Emancipation can also benefit minors who have made mistakes and gotten pregnant too young, for instance Cooper

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