Embarrassment Vs Brain Pruning Essay

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The brain is a vital organ in the human body, and is the control center to one’s anatomy functions. A few examples of an action the brain performs are embarrassment and brain pruning. Embarrassment is when teens become more self-conscious and pursue social approval from others. In addition, brain pruning is when infrequently used neurons dissipate. Although both are functions of the brain, two differences between embarrassment and brain pruning are the causes and how embarrassment relates to being actively triggered, while brain pruning deals with memories or experiences. One of the main differences between embarrassment and brain pruning is the causes. For example, hormones cause embarrassment. In paragraph three of passage one the text states,…show more content…
First, embarrassment is consciously brought about. Jennifer Connor-Smith explains in “Embarrassed? Blame Your Brain,” that during a teen’s years, he/she feels the need for their peers to accept them. Minors are knowingly thinking of humiliating actions the teen has done. In paragraph ten it states that kids feel a “tug-of-war with fear of rejection, the desire to fit in, and self-consciousness all pulling on the same side.” Embarrassment causes reactions, such as blushing and sweating, to occur even, when the teen is not doing a stressful activity. In contrast, brain pruning deals with memories or experiences. Humans will not notice when their neurons are being pruned, but their unnecessary information will disappear over time. In the article “Use It or Lose It: A good brain pruning” the author, Laura K. Zimmermann, states, “As you read this, parts of your brain are disappearing. On the plus side, other parts of your brain, like the ones you are using to read this are getting stronger.” This shows that unless the reader knew this previously, he or she might never have realized brain pruning was occurring. Differences between embarrassment and brain pruning can be demonstrated because embarrassment is consciously triggered, while brain pruning is
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