Embezzlement In Terry Shulman's Book, Biting The Hand That Feed

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Embezzlement can occur if the defendant keeps the persons money or transfer it to another person. In history, embezzlement was made a crime because in many ways the person committing the crimes had a right to possess the money. Therefore the prosecutors couldn’t prove that the person in fact stole the money. There are many different types of embezzlement. Some embezzlers don’t steal everything so they take a small amount at a time. This is called “skimming off the top “. This method reduces the chances of the embezzler being caught. But then again, other types of embezzlers take a large amount of money and then just never do it again or disappear. Which could also be a smart method because maybe the first time it happens a company’s manager…show more content…
Why steal funds from your employer? Terry Shulman is the author of a book titled, biting the Hand That Feeds: The Employee theft Epidemic, It’s in referral to the amount of theft in the workplace. Shulman’s book states his belief that most people who from their jobs are normally honest people in other areas. People mainly steal from their jobs because of greed or to fulfill a want. Other embezzlers feel as though they are taking from the rich in order to give to the poor and believe they aren’t hurting anyone. Others steal from work because of what people will think of them if they see that they aren’t living extravagant enough or feel as though they aren’t appreciated. Talk about having a low self – esteem. Also men that have very controlling wives or are having marital problems at home are normally those who embezzle money. The typical embezzlers don’t possess the same characteristics as our average criminal. Embezzlers are typically begin in their late 30s or early 40s. Majority of them are married with regular family issues such as a money problem, lack thereof money, or just a desire for a lot of it.Majority of embezzlers grew up in a successful family and if their position at their job doesn’t fulfill their expectation or they feel as though they don’t make enough and that they’re in competition with other people to have a better salary then they resort to an alternative way of income and what better way than to embezzle? Unbelievably, a person’s past can really effect their future. It’s normal for a person with the brains to steal money from a company that they’re employed at to have a pretty decent education or at least a higher education than the average criminal. Also, most embezzlers are white and are
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