Embodiment In Beowulf

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Beowulf Beowulf is considered the embodiment of the Anglo-Saxon culture based on his prestigious qualities and his accomplishments. Some of the qualities of Beowulf are how presents himself as a great leader and shows valor which is very important to Anglo-saxon people. Another Anglo-Saxon quality of Beowulf's is his brute strength and ability to use it correctly. One last reason Beowulf is the embodiment of the Anglo-Saxon people is his social stance becoming king of his village. These reasons given are why Beowulf is the true embodiment of the Anglo-Saxon culture and what it represents.
One way Beowulf shows his representation of the Anglo-Saxon culture is his ability to be a great leader and shows valor. An example of this is when hears of Hrothgar's problem he assembles a team of great warriors and sets off to help save the city without question. One more example would be how he led his men through the rough waves and windy seas, to Hrothgar keeping the ship afloat and expedition alive. In addition Beowulf strategically set his men up in the mead hall to wait for Grendel and by doing this ultimately killing Grendel because of it. These examples of Beowulf's leadership shows how he is a true leader which is very important in the Anglo-Saxon culture.
Beowulf shows in many ways how he is the embodiment of the Anglo-Saxon culture but
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One way people thought this happened was he helped save the city of Hrothgar killing Grendel and Grendel's mother. One more example is he became king of his country side and battled and ruled his men prestigiously through many battles. The last example is how he died in battle which was seen as very courageous by many Anglo-Saxons, it was even believed if you died in battle you would go to Valhalla and dine with the gods. Beowulf has very good resume believed by many that he went to Valhalla when he passed away in

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