Embrace Life Argumentative Essay

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There is a wreck occurring every minute of every day, and in 2009, seatbelts saved almost 13,000 lives. Fifty three percent of people do not wear the restraints and if everyone would wear them, 4,000 more people would be alive today. Seat belt advertisements often pop-up while consumers often watch their favorite soap operas, football games, and game shows. The advertisements often show a gruesome car crash, body bags being led away by the ambulance, and police writing tickets to people who fail to obey. The ad Embrace Life chose to advertise shows how a seatbelt could save a life. The dad cranks an imaginary car and revs the engine acting like he is driving down the highway. The ad cuts to the mom in a blue dress with white feathers as the design and the daughter is a pink fairy suit with sparkly white fairy wings. The dad has a black shirt on and sits in the middle of the living room with a huge smile across his face. The ad portrays the game of charades while happy music is playing in the background. The dad then looks to the left and returns to where he was looking before but…show more content…
The premise is that driving without a seatbelt results in an obvious death. Unlike in the past where there were no laws about seat belts and cars were not even made with them. Today, there are many laws stating seatbelts are a must, and if a driver is caught without one the results can be a high priced ticket. The ad does not use any scare tactics that usually makes people turn away because of the graphic blood-and-guts. The whole scene shows how logical it is to wear a seat belt. It was only because his family grasped him he did not launch through the window. The name of the advertisement, Embrace Life, shows that people should want to save lives instead of carelessly wasting
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