Hanna Rosin's Essay: Embracing Equality

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Embracing Equality I am twenty-four years old. I am a man, I work full time, I take college courses, I am married and I am trying to figure out how to best support my family. I work as an Emergency Medical Technician and have always dreamed about being in the military or becoming a firefighter, police officer, or someone who can help make a difference. I still have that dream, but instead of wanting to do these traditionally male dominant careers, I have chosen something a little less common. I want to become a nurse. When I first had this revelation, I was extremely excited, but I was quickly heart broken by the responses of people that were close to me. “You can’t be a nurse, women are nurses.” These were the types of things that I kept…show more content…
In her essay, “The End of Men”, Rosin speaks about the traditional roles of men and their responsibilities, but refuses to acknowledge the stigma that style of thinking has created. Luckily, in the next essay, “Still a Man’s World”, the author, Phillip Cohen, dissects the work of Hanna Rosin in detail and points out many of the flaws in her assumptive writing style. Cohen states in paragraph twenty-eight that Rosin “has an affinity for sweeping proclamations” and then says in paragraph 29 that “Rosin presents an exhausting parade of exaggerations”. He goes on to explain that if you were to simply fact check her claims for yourself, the results would be “obvious” that she is simply stretching not-cited statistics in order to push her own agenda. Cohen goes onto to explain throughout his essay that gender quality in the workforce is not as progressive as it may appear according to Rosin, but in doing so, he successfully challenges us to look at the facts provided to us in “The End of Men”. Majority of her claims are not cited, and have no validity other than her own ability to successfully write a convincing narrative. However she does bring up an interesting thought as to why men have more difficulty embracing nurturing jobs when compared to women who have been eager to embrace new opportunities in the

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