Embracing My Italian Heritage Analysis

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Starting at a young age my family had stressed the importance of embracing my Italian heritage. My father, mother and grandfather each contributed in showing me that in order to honor our Italian heritage you must demonstrate three qualities as a young man. My father is responsible for teaching me respect and how to give every individual you meet total and complete respect. Similarly my mother is responsible for teaching me love, how to love and how to spread love throughout the world. As for my grandfather, he taught me what courage is and how to always be courageous. Honoring my Italian heritage by demonstrating these qualities not only will make me a valued member of society, but will also help drive my future successes in the world of business. I am grateful of my father's Italian heritage because it taught him respect which he then instilled in me. While attending my first formal function I witnessed my father in conversation with people he or I had never met. Being that I was about ten years old I thought this was strange, but my dad thought otherwise. He acted in perfect fashion. I was amazed at how he subconsciously showed…show more content…
Every morning she wakes up and makes me breakfast even though it is a difficult task for her to handle. My mother does this out of love, she is looking out for me, ensuring that I start my day out on the right foot. Although a basic task, it encapsulates her love for me at it's finest. This is a daily reminder that love is essential in life, without it you can never live life to its full potential. The unconditional love she has shown me has allowed me to understand the concept of love. Not only must you love others, you must love yourself, and you must love what you do. With her sharing this concept to me, I am able to venture through life with knowledge that I can amplify love throughout the world making it a better place for
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