Embroidery Mystery

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Janet Bolin is a Canadian cozy mystery novelist with 5 very popular titles to her name. She started writing her very popular Threadville Mystery series in 2011. Like most cozy mysteries, the novels are set in a small town/village setting where you can get engrossed in the good old-fashioned mayhem, machine embroidery, quilting, and murder. Even as Bolin only started writing in 2011, she has exploded into the cozy mystery scene in a big way to become one of its most popular writers.

She always had a knack for embroider and design from when she was seven. For years, she would offer helpful suggestions to embellish the clothes that her mother sewed and designed for her. However, the turning point when she decided that embroidery and design was
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With her love for embroidery, she feels like embroidering almost everything that she owns, though that is impractical. Even so, she find the creation of designs really fun in and of themselves to add to the fact that they are make for spectacular quilt patterns. Given that she lives out in the country side, she felt that she had to create a story of people that take long drives to the to buy supplies so that they can embellish or create their own garments and textiles. The need to tell this story is how Threadville, the village setting for the Threadville Mystery series of novels was born. In Threadville, everything that an embroiderer or clothes designer might want or need can be found on one short street. She also created the strong willed Willow Vanderling, the embroidery shop owner who sells machines, software, fabrics, and gorgeous threads that Bolin always wished she could get from her local shop in the village. Every now and then, Vanderling and her friends are involved in solving a murder two as a way of getting away from their creative pursuits.

One of the best cozy mystery writers to emerge in this decade, Janet Bolin has been on the shortlist for the Agatha Award for Best Novel of 2011 for the title Dire Threads and was also nominated for the 2012 Bony Blithe Awards for Threaded for Trouble. Cozy Mystery Book Reviews once asserted that calling Janet Bolin a masterful storyteller is an understatement – that is just how good she
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