Embryo Engineering Persuasive Speech

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NAZI EUGENICS REINSTATED AS THE NORM; ALL OF US WHO AREN’T DESIGNER MAY FACE THE CHAMBER. First there is disenfranchisement, then destruction of their entire livelihoods leading to impoverishment, followed by incarceration without edible food or drinkable water and finally, there is extermination. This is a generalised timeline of Hitler’s regime to define a ‘perfect’ race. With the engineering of human embryos to enhance human qualities aren’t we attempting to do the same thing? Improve humanity and eradicate diversity. No longer is it the Nazi Party institutionalising extreme racism, but it’s the Australian government. When one race is declared racially superior the outcome is inevitable- Germans or Designers- mass
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Humans aren’t perfect…yet. If the Australian government allows for human testing to be swept under the rug, then the entire Australian aesthetic of ‘mateship’ may as well be burnt alongside the Australian Constitution. No longer does our constitution embody that human life is the most important ‘thing’, but that it is merely a ‘thing’. Evidently, the introduction of embryo engineering would cause devastation not only politically but biologically, thus leaving a void in human decency and morality. Furthermore, with social politics dictating to most people how the ‘perfect’ person looks, parents will manipulate their child’s benign characteristics to match these temporary stereotypes. Currently, parents go to extensive lengths to simply increase a child’s intelligence, Guardian reports, “Stereotypical yuppies… play Mozart to their pregnant bellies and bombard their newborns with flash cards, it is said, they would stop at nothing, to give their children the ultimate head start in life.” However, these idiots aren’t harming nor altering their child’s abilities. Accordingly, it’s these yuppies, that’ll going to go to science labs and, ultimately,
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