Embryonic Pros And Cons

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Embryonic Research Every one of the 100 trillion cells in the human body is a direct descendant of the zygote cell, the primordial cell formed by the union of a mother’s egg and a father’s sperm. Each cell is genetically identical to the original zygote cell. Therefore, if a saliva sample was taken of a person, the DNA contained in that sample would be identical to the DNA found in the original cell when that person was only a single cell organism, it would contain all of the instructions used to originally create that person. The mystery of this process is that the zygote cell multiplies and eventually turns into all different kinds of cells that make up a human body. Some cells become skin cells, others become brain cells, and they remain…show more content…
Reproductive cloning is the process of taking an embryonic cell and growing it all the way into a cloned baby, a copy of a human. And research cloning is growing the newly unspecialized cell into the embryonic stage and the mining it for parts like stem cells. The response of the public and congress has been resoundingly negative on both of the forms of embryonic study, although research cloning has begun to gain some traction. Research cloning has become slightly more popular because it lies slightly further away from the moral boundary. Research cloning can be done with two different purposes, cure or study. If a cell is taken from someone that has a crippling disease, that cell can be tricked to unspecialize and return to an embryonic state, which can then grow into a blastocyst which can be studied further. Stem cell can be plucked out of the blastocyst in order to study the biology of the disease or the cells can be plucked out in order to replace diseased cells in a patient. The benefit of using a cloned cell instead of an ordinary stem cell is that if the cloned cell is your own DNA, it has a much smaller chance of being rejected. The moral problem with research cloning is that is opens the door to reproductive cloning. For instance, if in the future there are factories that are producing cloned embryos to be studied, it is inevitable that one of these will be placed into a woman or another kind of medium in order to create a cloned
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