Embryonic Research Benefits

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Embryonic stem cell research is a process in which scientists isolate material from an embryo that was conceived five to seven days prior. At that point embryos are called blastocysts. The outer layer of the blastocyst will become the placenta while the inner cell mass will become a fetus. It is from the inner cell mass that scientists isolate the stem cells. Even though this research might become useful in the medical field, scientists should stop embryonic research because it is not productive, and there are better ways to get the desired results. Also, it is not moral to use and destroy embryos in this way.
Embryonic stem cell research may become a very useful study for medical research. Embryonic stem cells have several properties
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There are several reasons that there are not any approved treatments using embryonic stem cells. Most of the time the treatments are not successful when they are attempted, but some terrible consequences have occurred from injections of these stem cells. One report tells of a boy who had a neuromuscular disease. He had embryonic stem cells injected into his brain. Within four years he had terrible headaches which scientists now know were caused by tumors that developed from the stem cells that were injected. Research in animals has repeatedly shown that occasionally the injected cells get out of control causing complications like tumors. Adult stem cells, however, have been very effective. Problems like cardiac infarction (death of some of the heart tissue) have been cured by adult stem cells. Also, scientists are in the early stages of embryonic stem cell research so it is hard to tell if we will actually be able to do all the fantastic things that have been promised by supporters. These hoped for treatments may never be, especially due to the difficulties scientists are having. In the transplants that are tested, there must not be a single cell that is different from the rest because if there were, it could lead to unpredictable growth. teratomas, a cancerous tumor caused by germ layers, may even form. Once again,
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