Embryonic Stem Cell Research Essay

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The discussion on whether parents have the right to decide on the use of embryonic stem cells that are attained from their new born baby is quite an open question considering the fact that it touches religious and societal morals as a whole.
The study of embryonic stem cells has taken a turn for better as scientists and they have captured the imaginations of scientists and non-scientists and has sparked a debate on whether or not attaining the stem cells in units and storing them for use on humans to help treat human beings from their illnesses and diseases and possibly rid the world of certain diseases. The two opposing sides have two different views on the way that this study should be approached. This essay will touch base on both views of the different sides and draw a conclusion from the result.
Embryonic stem cells are cells that can be taken from embryos that have been fertilized through in vitro fertilization. (They are not taken from the fertilized eggs in a woman’s body.) Other methods of getting the embryonic stem cells would be through getting it from the umbilical cord or from the placenta once the baby is born. Stem cells have the ability to be used to increase the health of the new born baby in future in the event of an accident
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We cannot alter nature’s way of sustaining the earth; it’s the natural order of things. Another reason why people discontinuing the study of embryonic stem cells and their possible repairing influences they have on the body would be a superb idea would be because death is certain, anything we may try to do to avoid death is pointless. There is a natural order to life and if people try to find one way to avoid death, there will be many more other ways to perish. Some will be harder to escape than
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