Emerald Mile By Kevin Fedrako Analysis

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A Life-well Lived In the Emerald Mile, by Kevin Fedrako, many struggle to find something of value in the Colorado River. It wasn’t visited until 329 years later, because of how little people knew about it. Like Cardenas, many stumbled into that place, but were not willing to the time to discover how the land could fill one’s life with beauty, adventure, and purpose. Kenton Gura, was one of the few students of Litton that let himself be consumed with “the Canyon. He was spellbound by the way it seemed so timeless and so eternal” (Fedrako 44). He even quit school in fascination of the Colorado River. Later, we find out that he was “ in love with the river” (154). Where many struggled, Gura succeeded, but not without hardship. In many ways, this “Great Unknown” can be like College for many students. Some will succeed and others will fall behind. Gura teaches us that…show more content…
I also know, that I will encounter many more. By answering the Big Ideas of Connections, it might be easier for first generation students to understand how to benefit from College a bit better. I understand that I am attending Utah State University to fulfill my dream of being the business industry. As an educated person I will be able to acquire the skills necessary continuously problem solve. Gura and his companions were in the similar situation. They did not fully understand the Colorado, so they worked on improving their skills through “ elaborate diagrams… notes filing up maps and log books with checklists” They even “spoke a different language” (109). Out of all the guides, Gura succeeded because he was willing to take risks and “[pull] stunts” (147). Other skills that will continue to be practiced will be asking questions, organizing my thoughts, connecting, reflecting, and most importantly
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