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Emergencies are called emergencies because they catch us by surprise. Examples of some common emergencies are massive traffic accidents, breakdowns, hurricanes, tornados, earthquakes, hail storns and the like. Some people get stuck in their cars during such emergencies. Emergency car kits can provide the nourishment and devices that they need to survive for at least 72 hours. Many people wonder what should be in an emergency car kit? A good kits should have water, food, blankets, communication and first aid items. Consumers should store one of these kits in the car long before an incident occurs. The following are five kits that a person can review for purchase: AutoClubHero Car Emergency Kit 185pcs The AutoClubHero survival kit is a perfect kit if you want to be stocked with the maximum amount of items that will help you equip yourselves for survival. The 14-pound kit comes with 185 pieces that are crucial to your survival during a natural disaster. You will receive items such as food, water, first aid kit, fire prevention items, roadside emergency tools, blankets, lip balm, rain ponchos, hand wipes and so much more. Consumers rated it highly because of its completeness and the unique products that come with it. The only potential problems with the kit is lightness of the bag it comes in and the fire suppressant’s temperature requirements.…show more content…
It comes in an innovative space-saving and slim design so the user can store it without hassle. The kit includes a power bank, jumper cables, flashlight, and more. The kit is best suited for a roadside emergency such as a breakdown or massive crash. It is not as effective if you use it for a natural disaster. Consumers said that they were pleased with this item because of its high quality, affordability and the sturdienss of the case. Some things to watch out for are the reading that the air compressor gauge gives and the length of the

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