Emergency Room Job Analysis

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Job Description

1-Working for long shifts during days, nights.
2-Diagnose any patients, regardless of age and type of problem.

1- Monitoring and providing care to a patient.
2- Emergency doctors must keep contact with other members of emergency room staff, also with paramedics who provide information before an ambulance arrived. 3- Documentation of all tests, X-rays, and procedures they perform.
4-Documentation of all medications they provide it to the patients.

1-Listen to the patient problem and then doing the physical examination.
2-Writing reports about the patient situation.
3-Set a treatment plan for the patient.
4-Inform the patient about his situation by promoting health education.
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The emergency doctor is a specialist in advanced cardiac life support, resuscitation, trauma care such as fractures and soft tissue injuries, and management of other life-threatening situations. The primary goal of the emergency room staff is to stabilize the patient's condition by doing the first diagnosis and treatment the acute problem.
Working in an emergency room (ER) requires assessment skills, flexibility and the ability to function in a high-stress department. Emergency department staff work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. The ER team consists of nurses, physicians, medical and radiology technicians and more, working in unison to stabilize the patient who makes an unplanned visit to the ER for urgent health care.
Emergency rooms are filled with high technology equipment to treat the wide variety of disease. The department is rarely quite as they provide primary and quick care to patients.
Emergency doctors should exhibit attributes of professionalism in the hospitals where their practice is based including altruism, accountability, duty, honor, and
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Job title: Emergency doctor
Department: Emergency room Date employee is needed: _/ _ /_
Qualifications and other details

Internal Recruitment sources:

Job rotation:
Shifting employees form one job responsibility to another responsibility. For example, a doctor working in the surgical world will be transferred to the emergency world. If the employees require developing overall skills, job rotation becomes fruitful.

Employee Referrals
Employee referral is recruiting new doctor based on the reference of current doctor، he has worked with him in another hospital and know that he is capable of this job

Internal Recruitment Methods
University Hospital announced on the university’s website about the availability of a number of professional and specialist positions on the self-employment medical.
Self-employment clause for the employment of Saudi citizens through the job competition.

Submit the CVs through the website https://erec.kau.edu.sa/
Performing the written test

After passing the written test, the candidates' names will be written on the website to the next step doing the
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