Essay On Weird Reason For Emergency Landing

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12 Weirdest Reasons for an Emergency Landing 1. Emergency landing after evacuation slide INFLATES inside cabin mid-flight Passenger flight 1463 of United Airlines was forced to make an emergency landing due to accidental opening of evacuation slide during the flight operation. The flight took off from Chicago to California with 96 people on board. A loud pop and hissing noise was been heard by a passenger name Michael Schroeder. Luckily not a single passenger was injured in this incident. 2. Thanks to Dog’s Poop: Another Weird reason of Emergency landing There are few things in this world which cannot be controlled by everyone; call from the nature is one of them. No human on earth can claim that he /she could control it for a long…show more content…
Same had happened in December 2012 during Egypt Air flight to Kuwait. Apart from joke, a 48 years old man from Jordan was smuggling an Egyptian serpent onto the plane. According to sources, flight had to make an emergency landing when a panicky situation was created after the cobra bitten his own owner. The suspect refused to take medical treatment as according to him that the wound is superficial, however it is known that the Egyptian cobras are one of the most deadly reptiles and their single bite can take down an elephant and kill humans within minutes but here it only caused an emergency landing. 8. Farting woman hiding her dirty little secret cause emergency landing: It was December 5th 2006. American Airline flight was on its way from Washington to Dallas. Suddenly, passengers start reporting to cabin crew that they could smell burning matches. The flight was forced to land immediately and bomb-sniffing dogs were sent into plane, dogs eventually found a number of burnt matches under a passenger’s seat. After investigation FBI found that a lady had a medical condition and this burning match on plane was just to avoid embarrassment. 9. PG-13-Rated movie cause Emergency
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