Emergency Management Interview Paper

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After requesting an interview with three different leaders in Emergency management I was able to me with SSgt N. Rawn Tarrant IV Contract over-site NCOIC/BOLC TDY travel coordinator. I at first wanted to investigate what inspired him to serve his country. Like most young men, he thought it was a small price of sacrifice to enter the services with the expectations of opportunities it provided once he completed his first term. As the course went on he found himself engulfed it the culture and somewhat of a natural leader that inspires him to still serve to date. Describing the experience as the first real job to be about something bigger than himself. We discuss the ability to be effective and if that was a process learned in the field or in…show more content…
He shared this leadership style has been effective for him building rapport, respect, and camaraderie amongst his subordinates. He says the best way to enter a team is to learn the team you are leading before you commit to one style of leadership. Inquire the needs of the men and women and establish the leadership that is effective for you. Don’t be tied down by have one style and being the definition of a traditional leader. Like most things, we adapt and sometimes fall into different areas of leadership as needed. “My most rewarding experience as leader was being able to address the new commanders and soldiers prior to their first deployment,” Ssg N.Rawn Tarrant IV. This was marked as such an honor because it showed how much his perspective and knowledge was valued and it was a great service needed for them entering such a big journey. Leadership varies and based upon our interview there is no solid evidence of book vs experience. In fact, individuals are able to now be developed uniquely in all facets of
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