Emergency Medical Technician

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Emergency Medical Technician
The responsibilities for a emergency medical technician is to drive to the scene and provide basic life support to the people in need. If the patient needs it they will perform AED, CPR, and try to prevent any other damages and then stabilized the patient's condition. Then after all the the patient will be transported to the hospital for further care. The technology they use for this job is Airway suction units, Battery-powered portable suction units, Fixed-suction equipment and stretchers to put the patients on.
The result of this job is to be able to get the patient stable and in good conditions to be transferred to the hospital.
The hours for this job is kind of hard. They usually work full time, most of the
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The certifications you will need are a state license and licensed in formal training for EMT-Basic, EMT-Intermediate or EMT-Paramedic level. And every state requires you to have that licenses. Then to be a EMT -Basic you will need a certification for a career in emergency medical services, for EMT -Intermediate you will need EMT-Intermediate 1985 and EMT-Intermediate 1999 classifications, then for the highest one the EMT -Paramedic you will need a certificates or associate's degrees in EMT-Paramedic. Then to decide which one you would like to be in you will need to take respective NREMT certification exam which is a both a written, competency portion and a practical demonstration portion, which you will need to pass then it will tell you which level you will be put into. Then after all you will need to do is every 2-3 years is to renew…show more content…
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