Emergency Operations Plan

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Communications in this Emergency Operations Plan, means using equipment and people to co-ordinate and issue essential information before, during and after an impending or real disaster. This paper explains the role of this support function in using 24-hour Radio, Telephone, or the Internet to give instructions and guidance on disaster relief to local law enforcement, firefighters, search and rescue crews and the public in the recovery phases of a disaster.

Harris County, Emergency Operations Plan
Annex C Communications
This annex describes the Harris County communications systems and the available communications sources, rules and policies that the Harris County government agencies use during emergencies or disasters.
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A. General
1. The Sheriff’s Department Communications Center is the Emergency Communications Center and controls the emergency communications systems and services used by the County during an emergency or disaster.
2. Emergency calls go through the 911 telephone service and dispatched according to standard operating procedures.
3. The Communications Officer shall carry out the emergency communications procedures, assign more people and equipment, activate backup communications staff and co-ordinate transportation for these people when needed.
B. Specific
1. Telephone Service
a. Private carriers provide telephone service in Harris County.
b. The County Information Technology Services (ITS) Department co-ordinates telephone support from service providers and is the point of contact for the repairs and change.
c. The Emergency Management Coordinator provides ITS and service providers a prioritized list of County leaders and departments that must have telephone service during emergencies. These users receive priority for telephone service and restoration if service is
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Other Communications Systems.
a. The EOC operates on the State’s WebEOC a crisis information management system. This web-based program provides secure real-time information sharing between the county and Texas Emergency Management (TEM). This link to the State EOC provides a rapid and exact means to pass situation reports and track resource requests.
b. Amateur radio operators may help if the primary county radio network fail or are over tasked. These civilian operators can give information and relay messages from their homes, vehicles or other facilities. The volunteers may use radio equipment in the Communications Center in an emergency.
a. The Communications Officer notifies the Emergency Management Coordinator when a major emergency situation has occurred or is imminent. The Emergency Management Coordinator then notifies County government officials. If this occurs after business hours, the Emergency Management Coordinator uses the Alert Roster and the County Reverse-911 system to contact key leaders.
b. The Emergency Management Coordinator and the Communications Officer co-ordinates and supervises the communication system configuration that shall provide a specific emergency
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