Emergency Preparedness Case Study

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In your opinion, is federal funding better spent on all-hazards first responder preparedness, or on R&D efforts to find new emergency management solutions for terrorist hazards?

Often we are faced with an A or B decision. How do we truly decide which one is better for the greater good? If you were asked, who is the best NFL Quarterback in NFL history? Tom Brady or Joe Montana. The reality is both are great and both deserve high praise. The or in the question makes people choose between two things that often both are extremely critical, or in the case of the QB question, both are great, no need for an or, it should be an and. The same argument can be used for this question. The bottom line is both all-hazard first responder preparedness and R&D efforts will be critical for the success of DHS and how terrorist hazards are handled.
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The Homeland Security Act assigned responsibility to DHS for managing crucial parts of first responders. The two organizations in DHS that is the lead are The Emergency Preparedness and Response Directorate and the Office of State and Local Government Coordination and Preparedness. The key task for these organizations in DHS is to build a comprehensive national incident management system that defines the roles and responsibilities of federal, state, and local governments and how they handle numerous first responder disciplines during an actual emergency occurrence [1]. DHS has the lead and will continue to grow how they develop all-hazard first responder training. Creating additional funding in DHS for first responders to respond to terrorist attacks will be something that should

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