Emergency Room Nurse

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Imagine walking into a job and the first thing that has to be done is assist removing a bullet from a person’s chest. It isn’t expected, and it isn’t an ideal way to start the shift, but it was completed and it was over in no time by being prepared, not just physically, but mentally as well. That’s what the life of an Emergency Room Nurse is like from start to finish every single day. It is a matter of being ready for anything at anytime and remaining calm to finish the task. ER Nursing is considered one of the most important occupations around the globe. An ER Nurse (also known as trauma nurse or critical care nurse) has many roles in their job. What they deal with is a large range of emergencies including overdoses on drugs, deep wounds…show more content…
In the starting of this education path, it is required to first become a Licensed Registered Nurse, or Registered Nurse. In order to become even just a LRN or RN, a Diploma, an Associate’s Degree in Nursing, or Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing is to be required. Each of these courses involve different, but large amounts of work and study time. Within the end of these courses, all registered nurses have to acquire licensure by passing the National Council Licensure Examination for Registered Nurses. Orientation for the nurse includes web-based learning activities, simulation labs, code blue drills, massive transfusion protocol drills along with hands-on experience. The Novice Nurse is usually assigned two preceptors. The preceptors are responsible for ensuring the nurse successfully completes orientation (Ellis 30). Learning never stops as each patient presents the opportunity for the nurse to learn something new. In learning to be an ER Nurse, there is the possibility of more training to build up development in an emergency room setting. It is not a requirement to have a certification, but having it will help out to maintain employment in the future. This shows that extra steps have been taken to improve the education for this career. In order to procure a certification, a nurse must have at the least, 2 years of experience working through medical environs and it is expected for the nurse to pass the Certified Emergency Nurse Exam. This exam is offered by the Emergency Nurses Association (How to
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