Emerging Adulthood: The Stage Of Development

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The stage of development I am currently in is emerging adulthood, which is the focus of the eleventh chapter entitled “Adulthood: Emerging Adulthood” on pages 389 to 424 of the book. This stage of human development typically occurs during the ages of 18 to 25, and it is characterized by being a confusing time for the person in which they try to figure out where their place in the world is. The existence of emerging adulthood was fairly recently discovered as it appeared through changing concepts in western society. It was never a stage until a couple decades ago when western culture put an emphasis on values such as waiting longer for marriage and the necessity of going to college. This stage of development has a distinct trait of a in-between…show more content…
This mainly is about what I want to do with my life as I am coming to the point where I will have to make a decision on major life choices such as where I want to go to college, what field I want to go into, and many others. I never really gave it much thought before this point and this leaves me wondering what could fit my interests and allow me to have a fulfilling life. Unfortunately, I haven’t found my way yet, and I am still currently looking. This further adds to my confusion as the time for a decision is hastily approaching me. After my brief time being emerging adult, the next stage of development I will encounter is the stage of adulthood. Information from this class that is helping me anticipate the movement into this stage is the fact that adulthood will usher in a new wave of stability to my life. I will not have to worry about finding my place in the world because, at least hopefully, I will have finished my schooling and figured out what career path I want to take. I will be ready to settle down with a family, and I will plan out the rest of my life keeping in mind what I am interested in…show more content…
I will not worry so much about what will happen in the future and stress out about all the confusion I have experienced. Instead, I will take charge of my future by plotting out what I want to do so I can get ready for adulthood, and its increased amount of stability. I need to be able to create the stability beforehand because I can not just wait for some magical turning point in my life when everything comes out okay. The only way this is going to happen is if I do it myself.
Aside from the increased stability there is also the continuing age process to deal with. For this aspect of adulthood I will try to prepare myself for becoming more mature and in control of my life. I will need to show that I can achieve these obstacles during emerging adulthood so that when adulthood comes the increase in maturity and control will not be wasted on filling the gap that would be filled otherwise. The amount I succeed right now means the less amount I will need to during

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