Emerging Themes In The Kite Runner

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Emerging Themes Khaled Hosseini’s development of the character Amir, in the novel The Kite Runner, uncovers two emerging themes. Amir’s struggle with the death of Hassan goes over his guilt, and how guilt can cloud a person's judgement. Rahim Khan’s words effect Amir in a major way as well. When Rahim asks Amir to retrieve Hassan’s son he has a shot at redemption for what he has done hinting that in life it is never too late to make the right decision. After Amir finds out of Hassan was murdered and that Hassan was his brother it sends him spiraling into a new wave of guilt and regret. Shortly after he was told of those two bombshells in his life Amir left Rahim’s apartment and found himself drinking tea when he “ looked at the round face in the polaroid again, the way the sun fell on it. My brother’s face. Hassan had loved me once, loved me in a way that no one ever had or ever would again,”(227) expressing in his own mind the deep guilt he feels about how his relationship with Hassan had ended up in the end with the new found guilt that he can no longer ever have the chance to revive the relationship between the two of them.…show more content…
“You are an honorable man Amir agha. A true Afghan,” (238) although Amir cringes inside when presented with this praise it is a key moment by being the turning point where from this point on perhaps Amir will forgive his guilt and not worry about anymore. With Hassan’s grisly past and Amirs involvement in it. For most of the book the reader may experience a conflict with Amir based on his actions towards Hassan, but even though Hassan has passed Amir is doing this one last thing, not for Rahim Khan, but for the late Hassan. Amir is taking the risk to retrieve Sohrab to give him the chance at a better life which earns him the praise by Wahid because for once Amir is not being
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