Emerson, Thoreau, And Krakauer's Transcendental Beliefs

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In this essay I am explaining how the four authors: Michael Donovan, Emerson, Thoreau, and Krakauer’s transcendental beliefs are similar. To me transcendental means your own belief and the way you see life. Michael, author of “It’s All-On-Me” says in his poem, “looks like it's time to up and start mounting a game-plan attack” he is saying everything is going wrong and needs a plan to make it all better again so Michael is going to find the best way for himself to feel better. Michael Donovan is very similar in a way with these authors, they are very independent and kind of stubborn in a way that these differences make them alike. Ralph Emerson, a very independent man who needs nobody but himself, he believes in rights as well as his
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