Emerson's Argument Essay: The Beauty Of Nature

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Our ancestors gazed up to the sky thousands of years ago to observe the magnificence of the twinkling stars up above. In the words of Ralph Waldo Emerson, “The rays that come from those heavenly worlds, will separate between him and what he touches” (807). To those men and women back then, the sky and all of nature were entities worthy of praise; nature added something beautiful to their lives. The nature around men displayed the power of God; it is a layered present from God. This present is both simple and divine and only for men who fully unwrap and appreciate it. I can easily recall the rare moments in my life when I proceeded to attend to the beauty of nature and was presented with inner peace. But since the 16th century, Europeans step…show more content…
Emerson says “Beauty is the mark of God, set upon virtues” (813). The beauty of nature is found in virtuous actions. By definition, virtue is a standard of right (Merriam-Webster). When I see humans helping one another or when I am involved in the process, we are spreading an inner beauty. The virtuous men of this world take humanity a step further with their words and actions; these become the morals of this world. Some believe that humans developed virtue, but not without the help of nature. According to Emerson, virtue is an essence of nature. Nature embraces those right doers and humanity feasts on the fruit of its teachings. Thanks to nature, we have overcame many oppressors of civilizations. Furthermore, “The beauty of nature reforms itself in the mind, and not for barren contemplation, but for new creation” (813). Intellect is an individualized masterpiece. We take the beauty of nature and recreate in our minds what is uniquely ours: our thoughts, ideas, and arts. We use this gift to advance our world and create technology to better our lives. It may be true to say that every monument is beauty reformed. It is seems difficult for humans to realize nature’s doings in the spirit and mind, but in reality, nature’s beauty advanced human
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