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Knowing a Cultural Observer of Indonesia : Emha Ainun Nadjib Cak Nun was born in Jombang, East Java, on May 27, 1953. He is the fourth of fifteen children in his family. His parent, MA Lathif, a farmer who named him as Muhammad Ainun Nadjib which famous as Emha Ainun nadjib. “Emha” is an abbreviation of MH that because of its spelling, people call him as Emha. He is renowned as an Indonesian poet, essayist, and humanist. Since being a child, Cak Nun has a high humanity soul. The environment of his childhood is the main reason of developing his character. In his childhood, Cak Nun was carried by his mother as usual to surround the their village. His mother asked the inhabitants’ problem. For instance, asking about their meal, the healthy of their children, the school of their children, and so on. Those are the reason why Cak Nun has a high concern, and a high humanity soul towards the society. He graduated from Jombang Elementary School in 1965, then he continued his junior high school to Muhammadiyah Yogyakarta in 1968. In 1971, he went to Islamic Boarding School Gontor, but he was discharged in the third year of his…show more content…
Besides, his monthly activity is gathering with Masyarakat Padang Bulan community, he also travelled around Indonesian Archipelago approximately ten until fifteen more per month with Kiai Kanjeng, and also he held approximately forty until fifty outdoor events. He also has organized the event “Kenduri Cinta” in 1990s which held in Ismail Marzuki Park. Kenduri Cinta is a culture and humanity forum which has an open-concept, non-partisan, and light. In those social events, he does some deconstruction of understanding in related to values, patterns of communication, cultural related method, thinking model education, and also striking for solving the inhabitants’

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