Emigration To America Poem Analysis

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Compare and Contrast Ever thought of what the world would be without opportunities in life? Philip Freneau 's poem ¨On the Emigration to America and Peopling Western Country¨ can be compared and contrasted to Wheatley 's poem ¨On being brought from Africa to America,¨ they may seem like they have nothing alike but think again and you will notice them. I think one of the main themes in common is opportunities. Throughout the two poems, both authors mention opportunities they both want to accomplish. In Freneau 's poem, he mentions having an opportunity to explores a new world where everything will be different, ¨And in our new found world explores. A happier soil, a milder sway (Freneau, stanza 2).¨Also the opportunity to have…show more content…
Another opportunity Wheatley is trying to accomplish is abolishing slavery and hoping the whites will consider them human also, ¨Once I redemption neither sought nor knew.Some view our sable race with scornful eye,.. (Wheatley, lines 5&6).¨ Now noticing the differences will be much easier to point out. Freneau 's poem is more about making the world a better place, ¨What wonders there shall freedom show, What might state 's successive grow! (Freneau, stanza 1).¨ Freneau explains why people wanted to settle and relocate themselves in rural areas because of their lack of freedom of religion, ¨Whose genius may the world engage, Whose deeds may over death prevail, And happier systems bring to view Than all the eastern sages knew (Freneau, stanza 9).¨ Wheatley main thoughts is into getting rid of slavery when Freneau barely mention it and does not go into deep thoughts as her. She wants the whites to think and see African American differently, ¨ Some view our sable race with scornful eye, ¨Their colour is a diabolic die (Wheatley, lines 5&6).¨ Overall both expressed opportunities they want to achieve to improve a better life in living and with freedom. These types of opportunities have lead to big changes in American history like slavery being abolished
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