Emile Durkheim And Max Weber's Theory Of The Religion And Belief System

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This essay will respectively explain about the religion and belief system which significally influenced by the sociologist ideas. The sociologist that invovle in this theory of religion consist of Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim and Max Weber that was one of the famous sociologist with their power theory at that time. Other than that, I will also explain about their similarities and differences among their theories about religion and belief system. All of us know that these sociologist was greatly interested to make their own theory especially on religion and belief system. They each comes out their ideas about religion in many different ways of perspective, method, languange, and resulting theory. There are some issues or basic question that make them curious to write on religion. Some of question are likely what is the origin of the religion? Where the religion come from? What is the important of the religion to the people that times? What power that religion have that make it can have over the mind of their believers?…show more content…
And not to forget, he also said one day that traditional religion will be gone in upcoming generations. What I can conlude about Marx theory on religion is he attack the religion that inverts the material world from being the primary reality. Continued with the second socioligist that is Emile Durkheim that also wrote a theory about religion after Karl Marx. He was a was a French sociologist, philosophers, and social psychologist. Durkheim also famous as the founder of functionalism and spent much of his academic career on studying about religion in that time being. According to Durkheim, religion is not just about belief but religion is important because of the cohesive functions it serves, especially in ensuring that people meet regularly to affirm common belief and values. That’s is called

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