Emile Durkheim Structural Functionalism

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Emile Durkheim Durkheim would most likely view today’s immigration topic in regards to two of his ideas: the division of labor and the framework of structural functionalism. In a society, the division of labor is in the form of mechanical or organic solidarity that helps a civilization function on a daily basis. The American society would be considered as having organic solidarity because of the “melting pot” the U.S has created. It introduces a diverse population of ethnicities within one society. What binds people together is the division of labor, meaning a variety of jobs is necessary for society to operate smoothly as the moral order is not uniform across the nation. Durkheim could argue immigration is not only a natural part of different…show more content…
Durkheim believes society should be holistic and not individual, so he could look why proposals to build fences around borders is a goal of the society. Do social facts force people to conform to the idea of protecting a “pure” ethnic identity and thus keep those not like them out? Or do institutions such as the government and education promote a unity of people to look a certain way? An illustration of this is the recent reemergence of White supremacy, perhaps promoting policies to keep “others” out. Durkheim could say building walls would be a way to achieve this…show more content…
The A.G.I.L model states a community operates through adaptation, goal attainment, integration, and latency. First, adaptation to cope with external forces in contemporary America is greatly exemplified in interacting with people from other backgrounds moving into the United States. Parsons would ask if Americans are comingling with outsiders in harmony or if they are unable to become accustomed to newcomers living amongst them. Secondly, the goal attainment element of Parsons grand theory would analyze how society is best figuring out the best way to accomplish the goals it establishes. He would question if the United States goal is the protection of society or to create a “melting pot”. What is America doing to reach these goals, and are immigration policies a reflection of these values? Actions such as quotas on the number of migrants shelter the population, while amnesty encourages diversity. Parsons would look at the dichotomy of the minds of the American

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