Assess The Difference Between Functionalism And Emile Durkheim

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By definition, functionalism is a belief in, or stress on, the practical application of a thing, in particular. In terms of the arts, the doctrine that the design of an object should be determined solely by its function, rather than by aesthetic considerations, and that anything practically designed will be inherently beautiful. In terms of social sciences, functionalism is the theory that all aspects of a society serve a function and are necessary for the survival of that society.1 Functionalism is a system of thinking based on the ideas of Emile Durkheim that looks at society from a large-scale perspective. It examines the necessary structures that make up the society and how each part helps to keep the society stable according to functionalism society is heading toward an equilibrium. It may sound strange that a society can be at equilibrium but consider the changes…show more content…
How can it remain relatively stable even as traditions disappear and customs change he thought that small societies were held thought that small societies were held together by their similarities and the individual was self-sufficient, but only works for small societies and we all know societies change and grow large the small society would eventually evolve into a large society where the individual was interdependent on others but what causes this evolution of society to occur the most basic factor is population growth within a limited space suddenly there isn't enough land for everyone to won their own farm and feed themselves so just a few farmers grow enough food for the entire community but noe the farmers don't have enough time for other necessities like making clothes or teaching their kids the people who no longer have to grow food now take on different roles like tailoring or education and everyone becomes dependent on one another for their continued well-being people have become specialized which forces mutual

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