Emilia And Mrs. Hale In Shakespeare's Othello

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In Othello by Shakespeare, he present a very submissive house with who craves the attention from her husband, but really is one of the sweetest woman around. Her name is Emilia, and through bad decisions to make her terrible and self-centered husband happened, she not only ruined a friendship but caused her death to happen. Trifles by Glaspell, Mrs. Hale shows to similarity of how committed and loyal to her husband she is, changes to become independent from her husband defends a friend that she had to look past before actually defending her. Both show loyalty but with the kind of loyalty they gave really At the start of each story, both Emilia and Mrs. Hale are they typical housewife and follow whatever their husbands say and need. They try…show more content…
Hale, the wife of Lewis Hale, is a farm wife just like a woman named Minnie.In the story, there is no real direct description of Mrs. Hale, but what shows who she really is by her behaviors that throw some clues of what she experiences in her life. Through her outspoken opinions and how vocal she is with her opinions, you can sense how she feels about her husband, Lewis Hale, being the man who is a farmer who was the only one to witness the aftermath of the murder of John Wright. It is obvious that Mrs. Hale is he husbands “right hand”, and just like Emilia, is very obedient to her husband when he asks her to collect all of Minnie’s belongings. Compared to Mrs. Peters, Mrs. Hale is the women who the one to feel free to express her feelings, though she is looked to be less “sophisticated” than the others. Also unlike Emilia, Mrs. Hale show her loyalty to Mrs. Wright, and being a fellow farm wife she know how that job is left with being alone constantly. She stands strong once she fine the canary box that has the truth and has a sudden epiphany that changes her. This makes her decide about the loyalty of friendship to Mrs. Wright ands the evidence, and brings along Mrs. Peters, “We think the-cat got it,” (Glaspell 903). Even when Mrs. Peter tries to convince her that defending Mrs. Wright was not that important she had her mind set to protect
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