Emilia's Role In Othello

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Othello In the play Othello we are going to examine the role of Emilia. How well was her role as Iago’s wife received, how important was her role. She is the “undoing” of Iago through her honesty. Was her honesty done on purpose to have Iago out of her life for good? Was she right to betray her husband for her lady? Whom did she serve? Herself? Desdemona? Her husband? Does she redeem herself in the end for stealing the handkerchief or did she get what she deserved for betraying her lady in the first place? Or did she betray her lady or duly serve her husband? Consider these questions in your answer. Emilia’s role as Iago’s wife was received, and how important was her role in the play Othello. Emilia the wife of Iago follows…show more content…
Or did she betray her lady or duly serve her husband? I truly do not know if I believe that Emilia redeemed herself in the end because she is the person whom put the handkerchief in her husband’s hands which pretty much caused this entire tragedy to happen all together. Of course it never would have happed without Iago’s hatred and revenge on Othello so it is easy to say that one would not have happened without the other. I think that the problem here is Iago he is the one who put all these thoughts into her head to do these things for her husband and had he not done this when Desdemona dropped her handkerchief in the first place she would have picked it up and told her lady as soon as it happened. Emilia duly did serve her husband throughout the play until she sees the light of how horrible of person that her husband truly is, and that she had a part in this of has happened. It is at this point that Emilia does redeem herself by putting the truth out about what her husband has done and pays for with her life. After Emilia is killed Othello sees all of what has happened and what he has done and cannot handle it and he kills himself to lay down in bed with his wife and
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