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Emily Bronte, a well-known author, from the 18th century became famous after writing only one novel. Little is known about her as she lived a simple life with her family in England. She is also known for her poetry. She received little success during her life. However, her recognition of becoming a novelist and poet occurred after her death. Emily Bronte was born on July 30, 1818. She was one of six children born to her mother and father. Her mother died when Emily was three years old. Her father was a religious man and Emily and her sisters were raised in a home on the church grounds where her father was a reverend. Two of her sisters died when Emily was young becoming sick at a school leaving Charlotte, Anne, Emily and Branwell to …show more content…

Emily went away to school with her sister, Charlotte but returned after missing home. Later, Emily went away to school with her sister with the hope of opening up her own school but returned after her aunt died. She is said to have “failed to establish contacts outside of her family” (Gothic Literature: A Gale Critical Companion, 131). The Bronte family spent a great deal of time writing in their home. Although there is little left behind of her works, Emily is considered to the “the greatest of the three Bronte sisters (Encyclopedia Britannica). The work that remains was set in a setting similar to where she grew up and was considered to be filled with imagination and fantasy. She is best known for her novel, Wuthering Heights, but was also known for her poetry. Her sister Charlotte had the works of the three sisters published and Emily was recognized to be the better writer, “although Bronte is more distinguished as a novelist than as a poet” (Gothic Literature: A Gale Critical Companion, 132). Little is known about the life of Emily Bronte. She lived a quiet life that was spent mostly with her family. She was educated for much of her life and loved writing. Emily’s literature made her famous after her death at the age of 30. She never received recognition for her writing as she published it under a different name, Ellis

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