Emily Bronte's Poetry

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Most people think that poetry is just a few lines that rhyme. On the contrary, poetry is the expression of feelings and emotions put on paper through words. It can be humorous or humbling, light and joyful, or dark and heavy. It simply is whatever the poet is experiencing. It can be in the use of the iambic pentameter, or it can be free verse. It can be rhyming, and it cannot. It is so complex, that it is amazing when a poet has the ability to create a poem that wrenches the heart, yet brings it joy and relief at the same time. Emily Brontё is a very talented poet with amazing ability to make her readers feel her poem. Emily Jane Brontë was born on July 30, 1818, in Thornton, Yorkshire, England. She had four sisters, and one brother, two…show more content…
In 1845, her brother, Branwell Brontë had become addicted to opium, a highly addictive drug that came from opium poppies, and was used in narcotics in medicine. This heavily affected his health, and led to his early death in 1848. Because of the multiple deaths that have taken place in her life, this led her to favoritism in elegies and other pieces with dark tones and moods. It opened an ability to really feel and experience her poems. She and her sister wrote under names of men, and shortly after Emily’s and her sister Anne’s death, Charlotte, being the last living Brontë, confessed to their false names before her…show more content…
Her poems mostly consist of dark tones and moods, with light messages here and there. This kind of poetry was probably the outcome of her difficult life as a child and adult. Her mother died when she was the age of five, two of her sisters died shortly after that, her aunt of whom she was very close with died when Emily was twenty-four, and her brother died due to overdose when she was thirty. Also, during the time she lived, women inequality was very influential, and it most likely manifested itself into self doubt. In conclusion, given everything that Emily Brontё went through growing up, the emotion of her poetry definitely reflects off of
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