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Wuthering Heights George Eliot once wrote, “All meanings, we know, depend on the key of interpretation.” In the novel, Wuthering Heights, by Emily Bronte, based upon the way the narration appears throughout the novel, it influences readers to view the novel how Bronte wanted. When one reads a book, they don't typically go against the author, or her literary traits, because it was written to be interpreted a certain way, which is why Bronte used opinionated narrators as she did. Throughout the novel Bronte influences readers to interpret her view through the use of narration within Lockwoods anger, Nelly’s care, and Nellys mysterious side to create an overall theme of suffrage. Bronte strongly influences readers to feel and interpret…show more content…
The simplicity of Nelly’s narrative influences readers to visualize her natural trait of caregiving. As critics reveal “Nelly’s true-feminine nature satisfies itself in nurturing all the children” (LeGard 2). She tries to please everyone while sparing feelings in a constant wave. When Nelly finds the letters between Cathy and Linton (which could be Heathcliff), she keeps it from Edgar, protecting his worries. Hiding her dramatizing information she simply states “He’s [Linton] very delicate, sir, and scarcely likely to reach manhood” (Bronte 368). Ellen spares Edgar with reassurance while he is ill when stating this. An obvious protective side of Nelly is apparent when lying about Linton’s actual circumstances. She narrates “My master requested, an account of our on-goings...Miss Cathy gently touching on the rest. I also threw little light on his inquiries, for I hardly knew what to hide, and what to reveal”(Bronte 379). Avoiding a brawl, Ellen tries to protect Linton by lying to Heathcliff about what really is going on. This keeps Linton at ease and considering what Heathcliff doesn’t know will not hurt him, which demonstrates Nelly’s apparent helping trait. Supporting Bronte's influence of the caring side of Nelly critics say “Nelly-someone known to try and do all she can in order to help the families, influenced by Brontes sympathetic approach” (LeGard, 1). As supported, the caring side of Nelly does appear to make people suffer from knowing the inclusive truth providing evidence for the overall theme of

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