Emily Chubbuck Judson's Sonnet To Winter

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The poem “Sonnet to Winter” by Emily Chubbuck Judson, is a classic poem that moves this message. There are many techniques that add to the poem to find theme,which are the descriptive of words,and the use of literary devices. What helped in moving the poem was the usage of description in the piece. The detailed imagery through the author’s words illustrated the hidden theme in the passage. As Judson uses a variety of the senses into her poem, the peace of winter comes alive. One way in which the meaning of the poem was discussed in some sections was when Judson used words such as, “gems /gorgeous dyes/palaces of frostwork” (1-3). Using this smart word choice gives an brillant description and provides the poem with a romantic tone at the beginning. Deeper into the poem, the author uses even more active word choice such as, “cold and cheerless/Without one warm, free pulse, one softening breath” (6-7).…show more content…
Finally, the poet also describes winter using words and adjectives such as, “Then comes the reign of jewels rare, and gold” (13). This describes the beauty of winter in a figurative method. Words such as, “the heart of death” (6), the detail of winter in this poem is what foccus the noticeable definition of the charm of winter. Another way that the theme of this poem is developed is through the impresses use of literary devices. Throughout the entire poem, the poet uses similes, rhyming to give tone, and an immense personification throughout the passage. One way in which a simile was used was in the line, “But cold and cheerless as the heart of death.” (6) This is comparing topics, one being death, and the personality of being cold and cheerless at the same
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