Emily Dickinson 479: Vocabulary And Diction

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I. First Impressions When I start reading the Emily Dickinson 479, I noticed that in this poem the person is explaining their thought's. Dickinson 479, this mostly, sets a very sad mood and she was a maverick for the span of her life and miserably focused on the possibility of death.

II. Vocabulary and Diction
In Dickinson poem, I noticed word like "Immortality", "Death", "Civility", "Eternity" and etc. In this poem, the death was treated as a person and which was getting closer to their life journey which can be end sooner.

III. Discerning Patterns
Overall the poem doesn't follows any sets of pattern. I think, the punctuation which were used by Dickinson suggest that there is quickly pauses thought all of her poem 497. The punctuation which
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