Emily Dickinson And Dickinson: The Movement Of Romanticism

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The movement of Romanticism began in the 1800s. Romanticism was about going against what society told one to do. Society ideal of an acceptable poem, was that it should have rhythmic lines and should potentially rhyme. Emily Dickinson and Walt Whitman went against society’s accepted classification of poetry inspiring change, the movement of Romanticism. Dickinson and Whitman both wrote about nature, beauty, society, death, truth, imagination and God. People believe that Emily’s Style was the best alternative because it provided an avenue for men and women being able to be writers of poetry in their own style. This was what changed society’s outlook as one knew it then. Whitman and Dickinson both wanted to be approved of even if they didn’t follow society’s guidelines. THE REASON FOR THE POEMS Emily Dickinson’s reason for her poems were that she believed that women should be able to write poetry and well as men. Emily didn’t think that her poems needed to rhyme, but needed a sense of…show more content…
Not just male writers but also female writers. New poetry writers write in the style in which they feel pertains to their conscience. This provides a deeper meaning to what the writer puts down on paper for the reader to enjoy. Emily introduced dashes and slant rhyme as a new style to writing poetry. Walt brought in new thoughts to male and female as being equal. Walt introduced freestyle in his poetry. They both brought in new themes to write about in poetry enhancing poetry writing. To summarize one really needs to read their poems. Providing oneself with a new perspective on the changes that Whitman and Dickinson created throughout history. They also provided readers with a new feeling of accomplishment while reading their poetry. Because of their contributions to poetry, today poetry is written in many varying
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