Emily Dickinson Crumbling

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In the poem, “Crumbling is not an instant’s Act”(1860), Dickinson wants to make the audience aware that downfalls in life are inevitable, and that they do take long to process. Ms.Dickinson is able to illustrate this lesson of life,through the use of connotative meanings, vivid imagery, and a peaceful mood that lets the audience grasp the concept of the process of crumbling in life. Emily Dickinson's purpose in this poem, is give an insight of a failing process, in order to show how failures in life take a long time to actually go through. I like that this poem explains the process of dying, and it could have a connotative meaning to failures in life too. Through vivid imagery that explains a process, the author shows that no matter what stage…show more content…
Sometimes in the beginning of a failure,a person may think from here on out the process will only get worse but Dickinson's purpose is to get the audience to know that a failing step can be turned around to something positive and that a process is irreversible since, “ Ruin is formal — Devil's work Consecutive and slow.”(ls.9-10) This shows that harmful failure, although still continuing, is slow and when something is going slow, then it can be turned back, meaning that a slow failure in life can be turned into something positive it just takes some steps. So, when a person is going through a hard time, it might take time to actually go through a process before they reach a point that cannot be turned back around. Emily Dickinson wants to make the audience aware that everything has a process and that when it is slow it can turned around before reaching a no return zone. She uses connotation along with vivid imagery, and a peaceful mood to show that everything has a process, no matter what the problem or situation in life is, however when the process is going by slow,it can turned around.Although at the end of the day, problems in life are inevitable they still take time to go
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